who we are

AERO brings a range of simple, affordable, and sustainable Growing Systems utilizing aeroponic techniques that provide healthy produce for families, communities, and commercial enterprises worldwide.

why grow aeroponically

10% less water then with soil growing

Although the roots are grown in water, the system re-uses water, 

therefore uses 10% less water than used in soil based growing.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Year Around

Your garden can thrive inside and outside. We offer light kits that create ideal environments for your garden to thrive indoors if you choose to grow inside or for cold months of the year that your garden needs to be brought in.

Less Waste and Less Plastic

By growing your own produce and herbs, you aren’t producing waste by buying pre-packaged goods. You are also able to use your produce as it grows, which doesn’t give it the opportunity to go bad in your fridge.

If you have an inquiry or would like more information please let us know!

AERO Development Corp.

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