What we are all about

Our unique, patent pending, vertical growing systems have a proven track record of producing a virtually unlimited variety of high caliber, chemical and pesticide-free produce. Growing vertically gives us the ability to generate high volumes of produce in less space compared to conventional soil based growing. Our unique closed loop irrigation system requires less than 10% water than soil based growing, and without the algae challenges faced by other water-based growing systems

Locally Owned

We are a locally family owned company, established in 2014.

Locally Made

All of our products are handmade in Pennsylvania.

Locally Grown

This is where you come in. You are able to locally grow your produce year around thanks to aeroponic technology. 

The people behind the purpose

Frank Fendler


CEO and founder of AERO Development Corp

Jonathan Hankin


COO of AERO Development Corp

Darryl Lawler


Project Manager for AERO Development Corp

Kristin Heater


Director of Marketing and Social Media at AERO Development Corp

Dr. Tom Gurley


Head of Research at AERO Development Corp

Heather Bowers


Accountant for AERO Development Corp


We are thankful for our vendors and the people who build our products. Moses Fisher is the owner of Fisher's Backyard Structures. Him and his family make our products by hand.