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A Note From Lisa M. McNamara, Director of Career and Technical Education

It is the goal of the Octorara Area Agriculture department to expose students to the various environmental and farming methods within the agriculture industry.  The aeroponics system is a nontraditional way of growing plants and is becoming more popular in the agriculture industry.  Aeroponics systems are a perfect teaching tool for core STEM subjects like Math, Biology, Chemistry and Engineering. Students can study the effects of plant growth between traditional and nontraditional methods of growing.  Students are able to research and observe the methods of water conservation in growing plants.  

The AERO Mobile Garden enhances curriculum and instruction, and provides work-based learning experiences for agriculture students as well as, other students and teachers throughout the district. 

In addition to the STEM subjects, teachers will also use aeroponics system to teach business, health and nutrition, environmental science, agriculture, entrepreneurship and anatomy. The AERO Mobile Garden allows teachers a way to teach many content areas in an interactive and progressive way.

Ultimately the longer-term project goal is to provide various methods of growing plants in the Ecology Lab.  Students will constantly be serving the community in a variety of capacities but the way in which they serve will always improve.  Students will learn the technical skills involved in using industry level equipment, run the Ecology Lab; learn business skills, water conservation, and plant growth.

Providing practical knowledge in a growing field of the future shows another way of farming. The job market is shifting and the traditional skill-sets that were valued for the past few decades are not necessarily the skills that will be valued in the job market ten and twenty years from now.  AERO Development Corp has been a leader in the commercial application of Aeroponics growing since 2011. 

Having an Ecology Lab with an aeroponics growing system in the classroom today is a way to provide students with innovative ways of growing for the future. It's a foundational instructional tool that is going to become commonplace in our society in a few short years. By implementing the AERO Mobile Garden in the Ecology Lab, Octorara is will be creating a bright and fulfilling future for our students.

Courses That Use The Planters

Sustainable Food Systems, foundation is CASE ASP Agricultural Science: Plant

NJ Agriculture Teacher/FFA Advisor Bonnie Baldasare

UCVTS District Seniors, taking as a science or elective.

The Food, Agriculture & Natural Resources Program is the UCTech School of Sustainable Sciences