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  "People come to this organization when they are experiencing hard times, often they can feel that they are low on hope and are in need of help, but we don’t want people to ever feel hopeless or helpless when they are here. We are always looking for ways to engage, empower and include those who come here for help. We don’t want them to view themselves as mere recipients, we want them to connect with this organization as they are getting help as contributors to what is going on. One of the most therapeutic things we find is helping those around them. It helps them feel empowerment and to feel like they have a mission while they are here. It is a place where people are helping meet the needs of others, instead of just wallowing in their own situation and thinking about how they would like things to change, they are actually helping change others’ lives. We are always looking for positive and productive projects that help people feel esteem, that they are giving and not just receiving. The idea of having an Aeroponic greenhouse on site is that our guests can get involved, they can enjoy learning about horticulture and they can also contribute. We are also hoping that it is very therapeutic and is a very positive thing to be involved in. We love the idea as do our donors, for guests while they are here helping to provide sustenance, to help provide food for themselves and fellow residence in the mission. We are looking for any kind of job training, workforce development because we aren’t sure how many people might go from this to actually finding careers in horticulture, but at least it is something that involves training, a positive way to give back to this mission community and to help them engage and then they also feel like they are doing their part." - Robert Turchi